Sunday, October 18, 2009


I was so happy to join the glorious and cheerfulness of my friends' convocation....They were those relief plus unbelievable smile on every of their faces for they have lastly graduate after 3 or 4 years of studying. Congratulation and good luck to all of you. And as for me, I can't wait my convocation next year....huhu

Thursday, September 10, 2009

'Balik kampung'

Yes...tomorrow I'll be going back to my hometown...I'll be having 17 days of holiday including my mid semester and eid holiday...huhu

Then, I can taste my mother's cooking everyday for 17 day...wahhh can't wait...she's a really good cooker.

For this coming eid,I was thinking on making sushi for the guest...they will be shocked for sure because in eid people usually prepare lemang and I prepare shushi( which is look like "lemang", it just it is smaller in size and wrap in seaweed.) hehe

This is orchid flowers at my house...Isn't it beautiful? I love orchid...huhu

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Forgotten birthday

It's kind of sad when my birthday is not remembered even by my own mom....but when I think about it back, why do we need a birthday celebration since we should remember that another birthday means another year we are getting near to our end of life...death.

But that's about it...what make me confuse is my birthday is on 14th august while almost all my friend thought it was on 20th of august...why is that happen? I don't know...anyway, thanks to all my friend for still remember my birthday.

This is a present from my sis...a fountain..I feel very calm when I hear the water flowing through it...just like the sound of river flowing smoothly....make me want to sleep....zzz

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rally Avon

This is a some kind of seminar on Avon product. the theme of this occasion is wedding. So, most of the participant wear a really nice wedding dress[ except me =( ] .Faizal tahir also come to entertain us on that day. He really is a good singer.

What really happen

This is what really happen at the conference..huhu
What a nice and delicious food. Actually I already prepare for the presentation buat then the name of the presenter is my lecturer since he is the one who submit the paper. So, I just sit and hear all the presentation in the conference without making any presentation...huhu

My lecturer once said that attending a conference can sometime look like attending a dinner but what the different is even though we sometimes sleep during the presentation but there is still some input that we get from it. and much more important thing is we gain new knowledge.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

International Conference on Strategic Planning and Quality Assurance in Higher Education in the Muslim World

Can't believe myself. My paper "UTILIZATION OF ICT FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING IN MALAYSIAN INSTITUTIONS OF HIGHER EDUCATION " is accepted to take part in the conference...

This Monday, 20-7-2009 is the date of the presentation...Still not ready but I will try to rehearse the presentation again and again...So that I can speak bravely in front od the audience.

I do't have any experience attending a conference before...will it be a lot of people that attend the conference?

I'm sure the one who attend is lecturers, doctors and to be ready.

I can do it!